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15I 11I 2022 - 01I 02 I 2023​​​​​​​
As part of the project "Emotions Magazine" at Campus di Monaco (International Montessori School Munich), I had the opportunity to participate in emotional experiences of young adults. Together we embarked on a creative journey exploring emotions and capturing them through photography. During the project, I guided the students in exploring their artistic potential and developing their photography skills. From storytelling to the artistic design of their photos, I gave the students various tools to unleash their creativity and improve their photography skills.

The workshop was implemented in the following way:
The workshop offered an introduction to different styles and techniques of photography, as well as instruction on concept development with a focus on setting, lighting, location, and character. 
Participants had the opportunity to put theory into practice through various digital and analog media and learn about criteria for selecting digital images. 
Additionally, color theory and its implementation in image processing were covered during the workshop, which was led by Jasmin Breidenbach and me, both experienced photographers in the fields of fashion and portrait photography. 

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2023 International Women's Day Exhibition
02 - 06 I 03 I 23
We, JasminBreidenbach and Mona Shatry warmly invite you to our exhibition in celebration of International Women's Day 2023, where we will present our current photo series "About Beauty" and "Endometriosis - The Chameleon" in the lobby of the WunderLocke Hotel. 

From 2th to 6th of March 2023  you can admire portraits and stories from the photo series "About Beauty". Mona Shatry has explored the concept of "beauty" and presents the diversity of beauty through women of different ages, looks and ethnicities. 
The series "Endometriosis - The Chameleon" by Jasminbreidenbach gives affected women a voice, making their invisible disease visible and emotionally tangible. The project aims to raise awareness of the disease and provide education. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme of lectures and workshops on women's empowerment and women's health, As part of the Vernissage on the 2th a  live performance by munich musicians Satyr Beats and Sátyr Beats and Phlocalyst.​​​​​​​
Photocredit  Isabel Winckler. ​​​​​​​

09 I 21
"Beauty is more than what you look like.  It is a sense of own feeling. For the own impact and impression. Beauty starts in yourself.
To feel comfortable in your own skin.
The acceptance in all imperfections, of reality and the courage to show yourself who you really are. Beauty includes different facets and is individual and unique as we are. Everyone carries their own story about beauty." 
This project includes portraits of different women of different age groups, and their personal story about beauty. It is a documentation about women celebrating their individuality, strength and trust  
The project in print is a collaboration between a local Munich design studio Stephan&Schmid, who produced the frames for the series. The wood stems from the Bavarian forest and is an appeal for sustainable consumption and local support. Feel free to contact me about ordering prints or frames. 

The first viewing was held as an Outdoor Concept created by Mona Shatry, in cooperation with the culture and meeting place Minna Thiel. Next to the print exhibition, she produced a movie which includes all portraits and interview parts.
Special Credit: Lara S.I Oliver B.I  Cornelia S.I Anna L.I  Sarah D. 
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